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December 4, 2001 9:44 AM

I'm reading 'Next: The Future Just Happened' by Michael Lewis right now and have come across a few interesting one liners. This one I find to be particularly interesting...

Cynicism implies the possibility of idealism.

I'm wondering if this quote is something Lewis likes/wants to believe based on his own idealism, or something he's observed in the people and events he's studied. Within the context of this book, I just don't see it, and when I think of some of the most cynical people I can think of (Don and Mike on WJFK) there might be something there.

Cynicism could be a result of observing the world around us and seeing what 'is' as it relates to what we think it should or should not be. Taken this way, cynicism might not imply the possibility of idealism, but positively reveal it; this works as a mechanism of presenting the 'outsiders' described in his book as heros. I'd suggest Next is a series of examples of how people will use/abuse a given system to their own maximum benefit, which may be a cynical view ;)