Imx Fix in my experience
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December 17, 2001 2:58 AM

I receive email thru various distro lists which usually contain links to things I would not ordinarily find on my own. One message pointed to a Russian language site with the Olympic pictograms from the 1936 to the 2000 games.

The 1972 symbols are the ones that I consider to be the 'classic Olympic icons.' They are immediately recognizable as 'Olympic' and distinct in each's portrayal of the given sport, but the styling of the set is never lost in any given image. And the power of that style was strong enough to carry thru the pictograms for the following nine Olympiads (with the 1980 set being the best in my opinion).

Compare this to the international symbols used on clothing for care instructions. This page offers all of the icons, and when you put the mouse cursor over them, you see what they mean. If you haven't seen them before, try to guess what they indicate before you reveal their actual meaning (which is a style of usability study described in Jakob Nielsen's Usability Engineering).