Imx Fix in my experience
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January 2, 2002 12:18 PM

At home right now, I have many CD-Rs that have MP3s on them. Like everyone else in the world, I found that if I rip my CDs into MP3s and then dump those onto a CD-R, I could get six to ten full albums crammed onto one disk. Even better, if I just leave them on my Mac (or my Dell) I can have a playlist that is two days long. My MP3 player even tells me what song is currently playing which my console CD player can't do.

So, I consider the MP3 experience as a good one. But you might ask, "what about the long downloads?" Well, in my opinion, the pain of downloading an MP3 is less than or equal to the pain of sifting thru the bins at Tower, waiting in line, slapping down a $20 and driving home in awful Northern Virginia traffic. In fact, I suggest that the user experience of procuring MP3s is now far more acceptable than the experience of buying a CD. And then the follow-on experience of playing the MP3s is better since I don't have to swap a CD every 45 minutes (yes, I listen to a lot of music)

Recently there's been some discussion about the price of CDs falling to about $10, which is a good step towards a better User Experience. But since my TV plays MP3s and I can route that to any place in my home, I won't be buying $20 CDs anymore.