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January 10, 2002 8:28 AM

An encouraging sign of progress in Information Architecture is the appearance of web sites and software tools to help get the job done. Here's a few commercial tools for taxonomy and categorization.

QKS Classifier

QKS Classifier is a hybrid taxonomy platform that efficiently and accurately organizes valuable content into an intuitive directory of enterprise knowledge.

Verity Catalog

The most effective, scalable e-commerce portal infrastructure available, Verity K2 Catalog ensures that your customers find exactly what they're looking for-and more.

Verity Enterprise

Portals powered by Verity K2 Enterprise automatically organize your information assets, putting content from various structured and unstructured sources in the context that gives information real value.


Sageware's solutions automatically categorize all forms of an organization's records, including electronic databases, specific content from Internet sites, and any other sort of document that the organization may deem important for their users to access.

Inxight's solutions

Inxight's solutions multiply the value of unstructured content with accurate and scaleable software for analyzing, organizing, categorizing and navigating information in multiple languages on the Internet and enterprise networks. When you need an unstructured data management solution that is scaleable to any size in any of the world's major languages, there is only Inxight.