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January 25, 2002 12:20 PM

Last week most of the UI oriented weblogs/newslogs had a link to a Harvard Business School article about managing creativity. Unfortunately, you have to buy the article to read the entire thing, but excerpt is available which presented enough content to get me to pay the six bucks. The purchasing process was about 8 steps too long, and the $6 was a bit steep for such a short article, but I digress.

The excerpt speaks for itself, so I won't rehash. What I will mention though, is that there is an overlapping theme between this article and a book called Next: The Future Just Happened (another over priced, quick, but good read). The point is that progress and creativity tend to come from outsiders who have no pre-conceptions of the rules. These people are not lost in a pile of assumptions which blind their ability to view things from a different perspective. Harnessing that potential is a double edged sword with the benefit of profiting from new perspectives coupled with the possibility of smothering the creativity you need to forge ahead.