Imx Fix in my experience
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January 11, 2002 9:48 AM

In a thread on SIGIA-L, a link to the MIT Information Architecture project was posted. After taking a quick look thru the site, and its examples, I tend to think that it's an exercise in mashing information design and information architecture into one, like what Triplecode is doing. Here's the mission statement from MIT IA...
Humans have a rich awareness of location and situation that directs how we interpret and interact with our environment. The Information Architecture project seeks to create information spaces, where people will use this awareness to search, browse, and learn. In the same way that they navigate in the physical environment, they will navigate through knowledge.
That sounds a lot like Adobe's Atmosphere application. MIT's efforts will be a bit more academic than Adobe's or Triplecode's, complete with various publications with titles like "Ligature: Gesture-Based Configuration of the E21 Intelligent Environment." Just go here and click on the publications link to read more.