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February 5, 2002 11:45 AM

I've been on the job hunt for the last several months, and have been reintroduced to the realm of the ridiculous job ads. It usually goes something like this...

Qualifications: 5+ years experience, C++ and Java, PostGreSQL, Oracle and UI frameworks. Knowledge of Photoshop, HTML, Javascript, CSS and usability issues. Excellent analytical skills, written and verbal communication skills.

Anyone who knows usability issues isn't an Oracle DBA or a C++ programmer. Anyone who knows Java has no tolerance for writing JavaScript (no cushy IDE's or API's) and tries to create their own interface solutions by inventing UI frameworks that are unusable to UI designers. Also, since this is Northern Virginia, many of these ads tend to say things like "must have active Top Secret clearance with full scope polygraph" (which indicates government work). Last, anyone who knows Photoshop has no business writing stored procedures. By now you should be getting my point that many (most?) job ads are wish lists. Scott Berkun sums up the point from a different perspective (sanity).

For projects of importance, you need divergent skills to succeed. It is not possible to find an individual with all of the skill sets needed, nor would you want to. To create a first rate website or software product, you need many tasks to be done in parallel, which means that more than one person has to be working at them.

Having been on several 'projects of importance' on teams of diverse experience, this point has been driven home, repeatedly. The continuum of experience, from those who know far back end to UI dweebs, will hopefully include sufficient experience overlap. That overlap fosters effective communication thru mutual understanding, and contributes to project success. Employers need to realise this fact and get realistic with their job ads.