Imx Fix in my experience
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February 25, 2002 9:24 AM

Adobe will finally release OSX native versions of Photoshop in April, and LiveMotion and GoLive, today. I don't really care about GoLive because I am a BBEdit kind of guy, but LiveMotion 2.0 is something I've been waiting for. The reason being that Macromedia products have always been quite difficult for me to learn and use. Their interfaces just don't work for me, but Adobe interfaces do. Learning to use Flash 4 was just a terrible experience in terms of using the damn production app, and Flash 5 was just a bit better, but still not good. (I've seen betas of Flash 6 floating around recently, but I don't have high hopes for its level of application usability. If anyone out there has tested the betas, please to post a comment).

Finally getting a native version Photoshop is a great thing, even if it's a year too late, because I was considered going over to The Gimp.