Imx Fix in my experience
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February 21, 2002 9:25 AM

Well, I'm not sure yet, but it will have an impact if MSFT gets .NET off the ground. If you aren't sure what .NET (who really is?) Ars Technica has a good overview of the framework and JavaLobby has an opinion about it all. Both articles are a bit technical, but offer up a good base of info on what is coming.

At the core, .NET will allow developers to use various languages under the same development framework to create all sorts of network aware applications. Of course the technology is MSFT centric with its ability to direct development of these application back to the Windows™ mother ship, even if you work with Java.

You have to expect that a proliferation of network aware applications will come, and have repercussions for user experience architects of all kinds. We're going to have to adapt our skills to a hybridization of client/server and web application architectures where live data streams replace request/response experiences.