Imx Fix in my experience
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May 8, 2002 11:30 AM

The Apple World Wide Developers Conference started yesterday with the usual keynote from Steve Jobs. The most noteworthy things about the keynote were the announced death of MacOS 9 and the next revision of Mac OSX code named Jaguar. I won't go into the details here since they are covered quite well in many other places. But I will mention the irony of the Jaguar name.

First, I am sure the name Jaguar is supposed to elicit a feeling of speed and power. It sounds cool, but when I hear Jaguar, I think of the often maligned British Automaker with a widespread reputation of being unreliable and costly to own. Note: I find Mac OSX to be reliable. in fact, I find it to be VERY reliable in day to day work, with uptimes typically 10 times longer than what I experience in any version of classic MacOS. But the costly-to-own part is spot on, and SPEED is a major issue.

Why is that when I drag a window around the screen that my CPU utilization routinely spikes to 70% or more? Why is Jaguar slated to have many very cool looking new features in lieu of performance optimizations? I mean, iChat looks cool, but I have real work to do.