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May 28, 2002 8:34 AM

This guy "gets it".
[He] thinks he could be the Jeff Bezos of the next Internet gold rush. And he's got a simple strategy for making it big: spend seven hours a day playing a new computer game.
If your a gamer, you've probably heard about the EverQuest Ebay auctions that yield real dollars for virtual goods (even if it's not exactly legal). The same sort of thing goes on in the Diablo2 universe where a couple of kids I know (kids = persons in their teens or younger) play Diablo as normal, and sell their better items via eBay for spending money. To be honest, I wish I had a racket going like that back in my day, but instead I bagged groceries. I digress.

So anyway, what blows me away is how this sort of thing can be going on, and then at E3...

Bruno Bonnell, CEO of publisher Infogrames, said online gaming via consoles won't begin to catch on until more homes have broadband Internet service, which is why he's taking a go-slow approach.

"We don't want to start too early, too big," Bonnell said. "We just don't think there's a business there yet.
There is an obvious disconnect here, and I'm not exactly sure what it is. Maybe it's because a console seems to require a broadband connection to the net. Which is weird since I can play Tribes2 on my WinME machine via 56k and still be competitive with 3.3 to 1 kill ratio.