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May 18, 2002 1:41 AM

At 'Advance for Design' I read...
The tools of the experience designer lie in software, hardware, and the "wetware" of the human mind. The experience designer must combine the rigors of engineering with the inspiration of high art. He or she must become adept at the traditional skills of design, and engage in dialogue with the virtuosos in the world of social science, economics, architecture, theatre and the narrative arts.
...and I'm surprised to see a few things missing here. Everything is relative of course, and my perspective is similarly a perspective. However, I can't help but think that the list is hard coded to physical design that remains when the power is turned off. In the pervious paragraph I read...
Experience design embraces the fluid nature of media and transactions within the network. Experience design jumps into new dimensions--asking not only where, or how design happens, but WHEN design happens.
...which clearly speaks to the transient nature of the network mediated experience. I would suspect the point is that the traditional skills will at least assist the new media experience designer. But does the lack of a narrative transition between these two paragraphs scuttle that? I think so, simply because the two are not mutually exclusive and provide doors in an out of the related disciplines with and without crossing paths. I am proof.

*Must* I be adept at these traditional skills to be an experience designer? I hope not since I have no interest in designing physically represented 'stuff' for the sake of experience. Nor do I have the talent to make those 'things' look good. The network mediate experience, and WHY it is engaged in, and what a person (virtuoso or otherwise) hopes to gain from it is what I'm interested in.

So, *must* I converse with virtuosos? I hope not since these sorts of people don't typically travel in the circles that I do. Usually I find I have access to everyday people experiencing problems with the world they live in. To wit, I'd suggest that these people have more to offer me than the virtuoso.