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May 31, 2002 9:21 AM

AOL/Netscape recently, and unexpectedly (to me anyway), announced Preview Release One of Netscape 7, which elicited some discussion on the Web-Design List (if you are on that list, ignore this post, because you've seen it already). One comment in particular got my attention...
This [going to version number 7] will hurt, not help, Netscape in getting real adoption for the browser. It won't encourage people to try it as their primary browser for a week. They've already done that with an identically behaving browser.
I completely disagree. The disaster that has been Netscape 6.x needs to be relegated to the past and releasing Netscape 6.2.4 (or 6.4 or 6.5, etc) is not going to accomplish that. In order to move forward, and drive acceptance of the nascent Mozilla 1.0 in a wide spread and commercial environment, /Netscape needs to indicate, somehow, that they have a browser worth downloading. Bumping to "Netscape 6.5" does not accomplish that.

IMHO, Netscape 7.pr1 says to the world 'hey look, we have an meaningful upgrade that we want people to pay attention to, so be mindful that 7.0 is coming soon.' Netscape 6.5 says to the world 'look, another rev, go back to what you were doing.'

These days, version numbers are marketing devices, not accurate representations of the actual upgrade or feature set of the product. The new NVidia GeForce4 MX cards are a perfect example of this dynamic screwing the uninformed consumer. So consider yourself newly informed...

When you think GeForce 4, be it in the Ti or the MX line, you think about a generational step forward.  The GeForce 4 MX is a step forward, just not what you would expect.  The GeForce 3 that is now over a year old is powered by NVidia's NV20 GPU.  So what is NVidia's technical name for the GF4 MX... the NV25, NV30, what is it you ask?  Try the NV17. This is why you will hear people compare the GF4 MX to the GF2 MX.