Imx Fix in my experience
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May 9, 2002 8:47 AM

What is war driving?
In the 1980s, hackers began "war dialing"--dialing phone numbers until they found an open modem--to access networks. The '90s Internet boom created easier and more direct avenues of attack, such as IP scanners and packet sniffers. Enter the next generation of nefarious network intrusion: war driving.
...a hacker can sit in a store's parking lot and "listen in" to the data. Indeed, consumer electronics retailer Best Buy Co. shut off wireless cash registers at its stores Wednesday after being alerted to the potential problem, saying it was investigating the issue.
Ok, seriously, why do I care?
mail-savvy users will know that authentication can take place on *sending* mail, not just *receiving* mailboxes. The (Apple) mail app doesn't support encrypted SMTP
So if you use ANY app that sends passwords in cleartext, such as Mail from Apple, over a wireless link, someone might be listening. So, if you are like me and use Apple's Mail client, and have an Airport card installed, do yourself a favor and learn about SSH tunneling.