Imx Fix in my experience
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June 26, 2002 9:59 AM

I've made the switch back to Microsoft Entourage from Apple for all of my emailing needs. Why? Because has a really weak filter system, and no anti-spam features. The rumor is that the next rev of will come out with the next rev of MacOSX, but even then, I won't be switching back to

Back in the day I used Eudora Lite on my MacOS 7 machine (a 16 mhz LCII with 4 megs!) while SLIP'ing my way onto the Internet. I stuck with Eudora for years, until the Mac version of Outlook was robust enough to pass as a real Macintosh application. I like the three pane view over Eudora's method of individual windows for mail boxes (the usefulness of the single window interface is proven imho). Then Entourage came around and had a calendar, notes, kickass filtering, and so I went for it. is for two types of users, those who buy Macintoshes because they are easier to use and that person needs that kind of help, and power users who are procmail'ing their mail and just using as the interface (which is a pretty cool way to go about it actually). But I don't know procmail (I'm a UI guy, and I've picked my battles) and need something more robust than, so hello again Entourage, I hardly knew ye.