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June 28, 2002 8:40 AM

...complains David Weinberger who writes a cranky article about the W3C's (or more to the point Tim Berners-Lee's) vision of a Semantic Web. I won't waste time here tracing thru his comments, but will dovetail off the final (and perhaps only) point about getting the whole thing going...
Google ought to come up with a handful of [metadata tags] -- the Dublin Core offers a starting point -- and just do it.
Now, in a way, isn't that Tim's goal? Isn't that how things actually get done? Sure it is. IMHO, that's how the W3C is often used, as a future indicator of web technology, and then market forces take over. Meanwhile Weinberger seems to be complaining that no one is doing anything about this thing called the Semantic Web. I'd point to the RSS Taxonomy Module and the BackTrack routines in MovableType as leading indicators in the move towards a more semantic Web.

In fact, I'd prefer to see these sorts of experiments flesh themselves out, so the likes of Google can learn some valuable lessons before laying down their own version of Dublin Core (and possibly setting poor implementations into stone). In other words, you gotta crawl before you can walk, and I think we're crawlin' pretty well right now.

(One other point Mr. Weinberger, please include more links to the things you reference, like Dublin Core)