Imx Fix in my experience
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June 18, 2002 9:52 AM

ScottAndrew wonders what he really feels about JavaScript crutch libraries. I don't. I like them, welcome them and hope people learn from them. Personally, I find myself in a fire drill environment where a solution to a problem has to come as quickly as possible (sound familiar?). I keep a directory of old JavaScripts on my machine as reusable code libraries, but of course, as time goes by, they go stale, and Murphy's Law says I'll need the most stale script on a moments' notice. If I can get that working with minimal effort and deliver reliabel, functioning code, then I've put out the fire. When I have time, I go back to make the code clean, elegant and proper. I'll call this being resourceful.

Scott's point is not lost on me though, and I agree that correct, modern, validated, tolerant and gracefully degrading code is a best practice. Sometimes you just have to fill in the cracks and repave later (time and budget permitting).