Imx Fix in my experience
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July 3, 2002 9:57 AM

Next week I'll be publishing a two part series on installing, configuring and using mod_mp3 on a Mac OSX based machine. Day one (probably Monday) will focus on compiling and installing mod_mp3, and then day two will focus on coding a usable front end. I'm also going to try to get TrackBack implemented and integrated by then, so wish me luck (and please have a safe 4th of July).

In the meantime, consider this quote from a c|net article today...

Kay also questioned how many Mac OS X 10.1 users would move to Jaguar, although he did see a good market for those on the older system, Mac OS 9.
What kind of crack is this guy smoking? OS9 users are looking at OSX, and all versions of it, as the big upgrade in the sky. Anyone who has done the OSX upgrade from MacOS 8 or 9 is chomping at the bit for ANY upgrade they can get (remember how dog ass slow 10.0 was?). And I think I'm hallucinating when I see quotes like this...
Kay was unenthusiastic about the Jaguar release, contending that Apple's OS updates come too frequently.
Too frequently? IMHO, too damn slow! I've been using OSX since the beta test, and based on the original road map, I should be using 10.5 by now. I'm willing to bet if these updates, especially the upgrade from 10.0 to 10.1 were more spread out, Apple would have seriously damaged the rate of OSX uptake (because, again, 10.0 was god ass slow). Dollars to donuts says this guy isn't an OSX user.