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July 11, 2002 4:13 AM

ArsTechnica has some opinions and discussion over the ACLU's 'warning that free speech and innovation may fall to the likes of AOL Time Warner and Comcast if they continue to dominate broadband internet access.' Which is plain ridiculous, especially if you look at the failed AT&T deal and how convoluted the industry really is. IMHO, AOL hasn't done nearly a good enough job getting broadband into mass market (which is helping kill the stock price). You have to crawl before you can walk/limit-free-speech.

The thing I really don't understand, is how AOL providing a communications vehicle would limit free speech. They'd have to filter all packets, and only allow those that they agree with to continue on to their destination. ArsTechnica makes a similar point, and does it more succinctly, so go check it out.