Imx Fix in my experience
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July 30, 2002 11:45 AM

I look thru my server logs every day and have found a few RSS/RDF aggregation apps thru referral urls. I wouldn't have known about them had I not seen these referrers. So, read your server logs folks, there's lots of great stuff in there. As for the aggregation apps, these two are the best I've seen so far (imho)...
AmphetaDesk (all platforms)
"AmphetaDesk is a free, cross platform, open-sourced, syndicated news aggregator - it obediently sits on your desktop, downloads the latest news that interests you, and displays them in a quick and easy to use (and customizable!) webpage. With thousands of channels available, AmphetaDesk can shave hours off your day - and you'll look smart to all your friends! Egotism never had it better!"
NetNewsWire (OSX only)
NetNewsWire is an easy-to-use news reader for web sites. It uses a familiar three-paned interface—like that of Outlook Express or Mailsmith—to display websites and their news. It reads RSS files. (It's not a screen-scraper.)