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July 16, 2002 1:54 AM

Early in this blog's (short) history, I posted a note about Hobo symbols which got deleted somehow. Anyway, I found it amazing that a loosely and not very well educated populace would be able to develop a robust system of glyphs that help the Hobo find food, work, shelter and other necessities of life. The bread glyph is perfect.

Well, not to be out done, geeks have their own version for their own uses; an über meme called WarChalking closely related to War Driving. It seems to me that in the 'burbs (which is where I live), not many people are going to be willing to walk around chalking wireless access points, and who would see it anyway? And doesn't chalk seem to be a little transient for this use? But who cares about that when there's these "i plus points" all over the place.

In my community, there is a movement to get a Wide Area Wireless Internet Access Provider (WAWISP) put together. I suppose WarChalking that would be helpful, but the car reigns supreme in this area, so don't be shy people, chalk the street signs too; or better yet, a Giant-esqe sticker campaign.

(ps, again, this would be a prime TrackBack opportunity, but this time the site I'm referencing uses MovableType, but doesn't have TrackBack installed/enabled, so I'm just going to ping the TrackBack dev page for the hell of it.)