Imx Fix in my experience
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August 5, 2002 11:49 AM

Blogs are gaining momentum enough to be uncool to the likes of the WebDesign list (I'd link to a thread bashing blogs if I could). But for those who don't wear sun glasses at night, there's a couple new blog services available out there...
If you are reading this blog then you probably already know about Blogtree since it's been linked from just about everywhere. But it bears mentioning again since it's a neat idea and contributes to 'community' aspect of blogging. The basics are that it's a genealogy tool for weblogs (as in, what blogs spawned new blogs).
" is the home of a centralized SOAP-based Web service that aims to make connections between sites all over the web. Tangent will integrate with the content management tool you use to manage your site, and automatically contribute and retrieve content from a central server that will create links between pieces of content based on text searching and your preferences."