Imx Fix in my experience
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August 22, 2002 10:27 AM

Ok, so I had to go down to the Adelphia office to pick up a digital cable box. Part of the HBO upgrade I mentioned yesterday is getting the new box (which they wanted to 'install' for $20, which is nuts, so I went to their office). Anyway, I couldn't resist asking the guy behind the counter when cable modem access was coming to my area.

The portly, middle aged, nerd behind me in line made the obligatory comment about 'financial troubles' that I decided was super lame after my conversation with the lady on the phone. The guy behind the counter masked his contempt for the comment he has likely heard zillions of times and told me '6 weeks' and told the Fraggle behind me that 'construction [had] never stopped.'

And I mean it, I feel really bad for anyone working at Adelphia right now because none of the bad press is any of their fault, but they take nasty comments from losers like me all the time. If their service sucks when it does arrive though, serious insanity will ensue.