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August 7, 2002 10:17 AM

<rant style="eyebrow: furrowed;">
The new AOL CEO (of the online unit, not the entire company) was interviewed by C|net (ZDnet?) and had a few promising things to say, but I find this part familiar and disappointing...
I love broadband! I'm a techie in that regard--I can't wait for that to be prevalent throughout the world. But we're going to wait. It's not going to happen tomorrow morning. I'll give you an example. I'm fortunate enough to have two homes. In one home in Westchester, I cannot get broadband installed and I've tried very hard. And in the second home, I do have it installed but it took over 100 hours to get it installed.
We are going to wait?!? (By "we", I mean the inclusive we, which includes me, because I work at AOL and Miller is now my boss). How can AOL afford to wait to make strides in broadband rollouts? Slowing subscriber growth is not mitigated by waiting to provide a faster, more compelling, online experience (even if AOL 8.0 looks to be more customer centric than the last several revs ions). In terms of user experience, speed matters, and has mattered for YEARS. Ask anyone.

Part of my frustration is based on the fact that I live 4 miles from the mother ship, and I can't get a broadband connection. Not from AOL or Verizon or Adelphia or anyone (unless I want a $500/month T1 thru Atlantec, but I'm not a business). Who ever gets me the fat bit pipe first, wins. Will it be you ? Or will it be the bankrupt and seemingly corrupt Adelphia who has been laying fiber in my neighborhood recently?