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August 21, 2002 11:11 AM

Oh man, this is priceless...
The head Sales Guy started grilling my client: how many pages did the site have (in the thousands!), how many users updated it (almost ten!). You could hear the Sales Guy's mental cash register ringing up dollars signs as he went straight for the close: "And what are your editors using to update all those pages: Dreamweaver or Frontpage? Or maybe you built your own homegrown CMS?"

My faithful client didn't miss a beat. "Actually, have you heard of weblogs?" he asked the Sales Guy. You shoulda seen this guy's face fall - it was like he'd been hit by a truck. "Yeah," he admitted, "So you use blogging software?"

It's funny that most articles about weblogs are positive about the pricing and democratic structures. I mean the backlash has already begun IMHO due to lots of folks being too cool for weblogs. But, whatever, I like the idea of saving money by using something that fills your needs that isn't forced down your throat by your company due to a 'strategic partnership.'

I've recommended using blog technology to run a site at my current employ and will do it again in heart beat, because, as the article continues...

"Yeah pretty much," came the answer. "It pretty does most of what I need. There are a couple things you described that I could use, but I can't justify that sort of outlay when blogware hits most of my specs."
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