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September 3, 2002 3:37 AM

The new version of Mac OSX has a zero config networking technology called Rendezvous. I won't both to describe it at all since there's plenty of info about it on the web, and this is old news, so I'll try to say something insightful (in a half-assed way). Here's what C|net reported...
The technology, which is built into the new version 10.2 of Mac OS X, can be used to simplify network printing, file sharing and other communications tasks. Apple uses Rendezvous in its iChat program to allow people to see a list of other people on their local computer network who they might want to chat with. It has also pledged to add the technology by early next year to iTunes, which will allow Mac owners to stream music files stored on other Macs on the same network.
There is really nothing different about this than gnutella networks (as fart as RIAA is concerned). the fact that Apple wants to make it easy for anyone to share their playlist has got to get RIAA's lawyers salivating, and Apple is not that stupid to walk into a lawsuit. So, what's the business plan here?

Consider for a moment that iTunes+Rendezvous is set up to allow streaming of data and not copying of data (like the Real One format). So, if I'm using iTunes on my corporate network and other Rendezvous enabled users are on the network, they could 'tune me in.' That's cool, but do I now own RIAA and ASCAP funds for being a broadcaster?

Ok, never mind that, because it's not the really scary part of the equation. What's nuts is that open sourced (or shared sourced) Rendezvous technology will lead to a new Napster. What I really mean to say is, Napster was EASY to use, and an Apple derivative technology based on easy of use (remember it's zero config tech) will get adopted.