Imx Fix in my experience
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September 30, 2002 9:13 AM

  • What does iSynch matter to a non dot mac user who has no Bluetooth phone or iPod? I suppose it's time to buy that SonyErricson phone.
  • talks about BSD and it's impact on the world. Mac OSX users should find this interesting since that OS is heavily based on BSD technologies. [ via ]
  • Apple apparently has one of the worst executive boards on the face of the earth. Heh. My Mac seems to work ok for building web apps with Perl hackers and CVS repositories and graphics deliverables. As long as the Apple board continues to suck the way we are told they are sucking, then I think I'll be a Mac user for good long time.
  • Even though the time to sign up for a dot mac subscription has been extended, I still don't think I'll sign up. I just haven't seen anything that I can't live without. If they released iBlog that published thru dot mac, then I'd prolly go for it (because is costing me $30/month to run, and a dot mac subscription would be $50 for a year)