Imx Fix in my experience
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September 19, 2002 11:16 AM

Names changed to protect the innocent. Profanity not removed.

him: redhat sucks ass

 me: sweet

him: fucking microsoft of linux

him: they deliberately broke compatability with sys V init scripts in their distro

 me: heh, there's only one Apple of Macintosh

him: then they get 3rd parties to write shit for them

him: then you try to install the stuff on any other distro

him: and all the init scripts break

him: because they refuse to follow fucking standards.

 me: that's the nature of The Unseen Hand of Commerce

 me: heh

 me: play bombing run in ut2003

 me: very cool game

 me: in general tho, i am disapointed in ut2003

 me: it's basically no different

 me: looks way better

 me: but the weapons are 90% the same

him: yeah

him: its very quake 3 feeling to me

 me: the game play, 90% the same

him: I'm going to buy 1942

 me: the maps are cool tho

him: and the game is awesome

him: its worth the money

 me: heh

 me: costco is selling warcraft for $39

him: hehe

him: damn I forgot I had costco is selling warcraft 3

him: been too busy with gta3, hehe

 me: junkies tend to do that

him: i blew up like a whole block in gta3 last night

him: stole an armored car

him: police finally cut me off

him: got in a huge shootout and killed like 8 or 9 cops

him: swat showed up and started shooting

him: i hit behind a cop car, swat shot it all up

him: cop car blew up

him: the explosion from it blew up 3 more cars

him: when they blew up they killed like 20 or 25 people walking around on the sidewalk

 me: hehehe

him: I was running away and looked back and all you could see

him: was fire, and burned out pieces of car

him: and bodies all over the place and smoke

him: hahaha