Imx Fix in my experience
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September 9, 2002 8:56 AM

Nokia will be introducing a video phone that seems to be getting a less than enthusiastic welcome from analysts (but what do they know anyway?). A video phone is all new and futuristic, but the real fun will be the bashing the circular number pad will get in the usability and HCI communities.

I remember, back in the when I was a kid, there were commercials on TV showing the masses how to use the grid number pad on the touch tone telephones. There was this guy wearing pilot/barnstorming duds dialing the touch tone pad way faster than the old crappy looking rotary dialer. It was a help manual in 30 seconds of video and was used to sell the concept. I wonder if Nokia will try to sell the circle pad as something 'better' or as something 'cooler' or if they will even bother and rely on the wow factor of a Dick Tracy phone. At any rate, it will be something requiring time to get used to and become proficient with. Is that what we want from our devices of convenience?