Imx Fix in my experience
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September 24, 2002 9:32 AM

Perhaps the core Mozilla group is taking a cue from the Chimera guy (who now works at Apple by the way), because there is a 'lean browser initiative' tasked to create a browser, called Phoenix, that is based on "Speed, Speed, and Speed." It's about time, but I'm still bullish on the rumor of Apple creating their own version of a Gecko based browser (often name dropped as "iBrowse"). The reasons are many...
  • I prefer OS native widgets, and thus think XUL sucks (even though it's a cool idea)
  • Apple has an interest in making a kickass browser.
  • Apple has the Chimera guy working for them, and Chimera is great, but needs work.
  • Reliance on MSFT to provide browsing technology is silly.
  • Apple would likely make a user centric browser that wouldn't turn off the popup blocking tech that AOL stifled in Netscape 7.0
  • The Mac zealot in me just wants an Apple branded browser.
Be sure to read David Hyatt's weblog to get more perspective and educated opinions on what is going on with all of this.