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September 30, 2002 8:28 AM

It shocks me how bassakwards 'the recording industry' is when it comes to battling online swapping of MP3 of copyrighted material. As noted by CNN...
Congress is considering expanded legal protection for record labels who resort to sabotage in their ongoing battle with "peer to peer" networks that allow users to freely trade music, movies and other copyrighted material.
This is at the behest of Record Labels who want action like this to occur...
a technique called "interdiction," which closes off a user's hard drive to others on the network
Never mind that the American economy has been based on competition in the marketplace. Forget trying to bring out better products that better meet the expectations and desires of the consumer. No, just keep doing what you are doing, release over priced CD's, and make sure the consumer only consumes in ways you prefer (because they produce higher margins).

I've worked at an independent record label before, and the deals with artists were heavily weighted in favor of the label (artist gives up ownership and only gets their music released when the label so desires it). It's worse at major labels. IMHO, the recording industry needed a kick in head, but I fear they might simply retaliate instead of waking up and smelling the global distribution medium.