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September 4, 2002 9:08 AM

Apple releases TechNotes pretty much everyday about their hardware and software. This tech note covers a boat load of info about OSX and it's most recent incarnation, Jaguar. Apple says there are 150 new features in Jaguar, but I'd argue that a lot of the items below are more compelling features than new fonts. Here's the top 20 (my comments are in parenthesis)...
  • The Ruby scripting language is now installed with Mac OS X.
  • Python 2.1.1 is now installed with Mac OS X. (install your DevTools folks)
  • The bash command shell is now installed with Mac OS X (version 2.05a.0(1)-release)
  • With Mac OS X 10.2, when one process opens a file with write access, it will have exclusive write access. If another application tries to open the same file with write access it will fail. (isn't this a really basic thing to do?)
  • Help Tags are the primary method for providing context sensitive help in Mac OS X. They are the Mac OS X replacement for the older Balloon Help technology.
  • Removed the limit of 5 hierarchical menus on-screen at once. (finally)
  • In some circumstances, clicking on a window with an active sheet brought the window to the front, but didn't activate it (clicking on the sheet would activate the window). We now activate the window regardless of where the window was clicked.
  • Users can now use cmd-shift-` to send keyboard focus to a drawer. Previously, it was only possible to do so by clicking on a drawer.
  • Supplemented the "disktool" command line tool (which was always intended as a test tool) with a more user-oriented "diskutil" command line tool.
  • A number of performance and stability enhancements have been incorporated into the implementation of NFS provided with Mac OS X 10.2
  • SMB browsing is only supported on the local subnet. (um, ok)
  • Problems with DNS lookups via Airport have been corrected.
  • True Type font files with the extension '.ttf' are now recognized in Mac OS X. (is this to say that PC formatted ttf works on OSX?)
  • Added hooks for 3rd party font activation. (This is important because Adobe Type Manager does not yet exist for OSX).
  • The TWAIN consortium's libraries have been added to the system in the form of a framework and may be accessed from applications. (Sweet, get on it Adobe)
  • Added horizontal scroll wheel support. (heh, weird)
  • Uninterruptible power supplies are now supported.
  • Previous 1K restriction to the length of URLs that can be passed to Launch Services have been removed. Now URLs can be of any size. (Is this good or bad?)
  • It is now possible to configure the DHCP server (via properties in the "/config/dhcp" NetInfo node) to hand out addresses only to clients with known MAC addresses.
  • SNMP support has been added to Mac OS X 10.2.