Imx Fix in my experience
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September 12, 2002 2:25 AM

[Note: Dec 30, 2003; This relatively old post has been seeing more traffic now that Wireless tech and the Xbox have become cheaper and more popular. Read the comments left by the people below to get some good info on how to set up your Xbox on a wireless network. I have it working at my house.]

I've said before that I think wireless is the last mile solution that is desperately needed in these here United States. But, this won't work out for Xbox users who want to subscribe to Xbox Live (or so says this guy on slashdot) and this is too bad.

I'm expecting Adelphia to finally get cable modem access out to my area sometime before the end of the year and I was planning on doing the following...

  1. Bring connection into house.
  2. Patch it thru to the second floor (for full 1st and 3rd floor coverage).
  3. Attach it to a Linksys wireless access point.
  4. Bridge that with the Linksys WET bridge.
  5. Attach my Xbox (on the 1st floor) to that bridge.
  6. Make all my other machines (a tiBook running OSX and a Wintel box) talk to the access point.
  7. Go sterile from all the radiation.
Sounds like a plan, right? Well, maybe not.

Update: Nate notes below that there is a fix for this issue. Thanks Nate.