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October 14, 2002 2:28 AM

Article titles like "Apple-Linux merger powers 'Mac' switch" make for good headlines to grab page views, but that title is baseless. One of the arguments made is that Apple will 'go Intel' and thus make Linux apps more likely to appear on the Mac (and vice versa?). But, not only does the processor have very little to do with porting POSIX compliant apps, but Apple ain't goin' Intel. Period.

Basing some grandiose notion on a red herring is sad, especially when you write an article that makes a huge point, and utterly fails to stay with that point much less prove it with baseless punditry.

Fortunately, one good point was made (but has nothing to do with the main point of the article)...

A new wave of open-source applications may also appear, said Brent Simmons, a Seattle Macintosh developer: "You're looking at applications offering ways to interact and network without going through the browser." Examples: Watson and Sherlock 3 for the Mac, which pull down information in an OS X environment specifically tailored to end users without drawing on a browser.
Case in point: NetNewsWire Lite.