Imx Fix in my experience
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October 26, 2002 12:20 PM

First, me and the people I work with: I've been doing a front end revamp of a web app for the last month or so and am reaching the end of a major phase of that revamp. Things have been put in their place, context is more easily deduced and real estate has been consolidated. Some of the UI is even tucked away multiple directories down in the CVS tree all set up with containers for this and that so the Perl munkies can write pure Mason/Perl code and not worry about the vagarities of alignment of key:value pairs on the front end. They just need to send it out in the UI we have previously defined. (Very cool imho)

Onto the users: To them, the UI is the application. In the case of the web app I'm referencing, the API is really the application, and the web front end is a way to get at it and turn data ore into information ingots. More ways to get at the goodies under the hood will come soon enough. For now though, within the scope of the users who have power over me, it's the web interface that is the application.

Now, the point: Do the efforts of painting a better UI picture on a robust and maturing API reveal themselves to anyone but the UI developer?

[My coworkers read my blog and will no doubt have opinions on this. Do tell.]