Imx Fix in my experience
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October 14, 2002 6:59 AM

This most recent FUD attempt from MSFT is especially tickling due to its transparency and bafoonery. And since they pulled it down, you'll have to see it in cache form at Google. Now, look at the girl, and try to imagine if she would actually write out documentation in her story about switching. Oh wait, she isn't even real. She's clip art! How embarrassing for this young perdy lady to be pimped out like this.

Anyway, a slashdot poster made a good point...

You just missed the entire point of this article. Microsoft knows they're not going to convince hardcore Apple users to switch. This copy of Apple's switch campaign, is for MS users who might be tempted to switch. If a user is considering switching to Apple, then sees that some other people are switching from Apple to MS, the user might very well decide to stay right where he is. The theory of course, is that a user who is easily persuaded to try Apple could be easily persuaded not to try Apple; get it?
This is the real story.