Imx Fix in my experience
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October 10, 2002 7:56 AM

A Linux friend of mine sent me this URL to an interview with two UI people from Redhat. It's a pretty interesting read in terms of building a UI for a software product and how to structurally develop a UI architecture...
We can't have a situation where an application only works properly if it's running in a specific environment. (And for the most part we've avoided this problem.) Even if GTK+ or Qt went away tomorrow, we have to deal with VCL (OpenOffice), XUL (Mozilla), WINE, old Motif applications, and so on. The same is true on Windows, where I'm told there are multiple generations of the standard GUI toolkit, plus third-party toolkits such as OWL, Qt, and Swing.
The mere facts that RedHat people said that, and that they work for RedHat is encouraging. I can't agree more and is why I'm not a big fan of XUL (even tho it's a cool idea). The consistency they are aiming at is something that makes Mac OSX a good thing and why locking down the UI is not a horrible decision.