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October 10, 2002 7:44 AM

IAslash linked over to an interview with Merholz and Shedroff covering user centered design. Merholz makes a point that I've been aware of since my first commercial client engagement...
The primary problem of user-centered design is that people engage in it at the expense of all else. Oftentimes, what is *most* useful, usable, and meaningful to the end-user is untenable from a business perspective, and the product, while maybe popular, is a financial failure. Additionally, UCD can often get bogged down in process, in needing to verify every design choice with users, unnecessarily encumbering progress.
I've noticed over the last year or two that there has been a lot less bullshit about completely kissing the users ass to get the best requirements and make an application or site that completely matches the users needs and desires. I tend to believe that the user often doesn't know what is best for them and an experience professional (what I pretend to be) should be able to design, create and program systems that match the business needs with the users reality. This balance is what the User Centered Designer can bring to the table.

In other cases, just making the web app you are building not look like crap is user centered enough.

[Also, it's worth noting that Digital Web magazine does not put time stamps on their articles. The only way I can figure out of this article was current was by seeing "2002-10" in the url which I'm guessing is October 2002. Forced deductive reasoning is not User Centered Design.]