Imx Fix in my experience
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October 22, 2002 10:12 AM

I play online games like any red blooded American and would love to get my Xbox online (if only to say that I can) but have a look at this set up process mentioned at Kuro5hin...
I set the system up in a fairly simple matter: cable goes to my TV already.  I split cable (you can get your local cable company to do this) so one goes to the TV, and one goes to the cable modem.  I connected the cable modem to a wireless router (I recommend SMC's Barricade).  Lastly, I plugged the Xbox into to one of the router's ports, and set the rest of my network up for wireless.  Voila.  Internet in the living room.
I like figuring stuff out and getting stuff to work. Most other techies out there share that sort of interest as well, but how many of them have an Xbox and a fast connection at home. Very little.

Now, balance that (if you can) against the line up of games available for the Xbox (live and un-live) and it ads up to a big ass yawn compared to the new Lord of the Rings game available for the Playstation2. DROOL. [December 12 update: LOTR for Xbox is now coming soon, but the fact remains the game line up for PlayStation is at least much larger, and likely, better]

My point? Compare the experience of getting your Xbox Live mojo going compared to any other gaming platform, and it doesn't look compelling (yet?).