Imx Fix in my experience
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November 8, 2002 8:43 AM

Lest we forget that Humans interact with things other than computers, here's an example of HCI pulling double time, the BMW iDrive... uh... thing.
The driver slides the dial to choose between multiple control menus displayed on an in-dash LCD screen. The driver rotates the dial to move through lists and pushes the dial axially to select a list item.
After reading that I didn't feel like I had any sort of idea what 'axially' meant, but I suppose this video helps. What concerns me about this is the interaction with this little nubbly device requires the driver, hurtling down the road, to look at a screen. They say there is force feedback that indicates the menu, but that's only half the equation, because there are things in the menus. So, I'm guessing the driver needs to memorize the menus, which are sure to be short, so think about the mental modeling here.

To really keep your eyes on the road, you have to be able to do everything by feel and pattern. Is this easier than hot-cold air sliders, vent selection buttons and radio dials? If I drove a BMW 7 Series, I might be able to tell ya.