Imx Fix in my experience
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December 30, 2002 8:58 AM

I'm sure Carmax is soon going to make some good money off of me, but it's worth it. I sold my dependable little Honda Civic to them yesterday after 6 good years of service and 95k miles. The part of the process was the speed at which a price came back from appraisal. It's wasn't a great price, but it was fair, and the ease and speed at which the offer was made makes the good price feel better than it is.

Carmax apparently has people who do nothing more than buy cars all day, so that's the first 'good basis for a positive customer experience,' preparedness. I walked in the door and the sales guy, who I expected would pass me to a buying agent, helped me thru the process. No pass off! That was 'good basis for a positive customer experience' number two, consistency. 20 minutes later the offer price for the car was handed to me including the appraiser's comments on the car. This is our third 'good basis', speed.

No price would have been good enough, because no amount of money is ever enough. But the offer was within range of what I was expecting. After giving me the offer, they left me alone to make a decision, telling me to go to the business desk if I wanted to accept the offer. This is 'good basis for a positive customer experience' number four, customer control (and no pressure).

Too bad paper work can't be done away with, because that part of the process was endless and annoying. Fortunately, I walked out of the door with a check in my hands, and this constitutes the last 'good basis for a positive customer experience,' full delivery at request time.

How many failed dotcoms can you name that had none of these points going for them?