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December 23, 2002 12:37 PM

In a Wired article about blogging, the following quote appears...
"Bloggers are navel-gazers," said Elizabeth Osder, a visiting professor at The University of Southern California's School of Journalism. "And they're about as interesting as friends who make you look at their scrap books."

She added, "There's an overfascination here with self-expression, with opinion. This is opinion without expertise, without resources, without reporting."
Elizabeth, do you really think there is an "overfascination [sic] with self-expression"? Do you suppose that every art museum in the world should be not be visited due to the massive amounts of self expression contained within? If you don't like it, don't tune in.

Also, the part about 'opinion without expertise' is utter crap. My opinion is based on 100% expertise in being me. God forbid that anyone on the net say what they think from their own perspective. Perhaps those on the cable news channels who are commentators should just shut up? They are, after all, not reporting anything and explaining their positions on issues.