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December 31, 2002 9:41 AM

Several years ago my informal career manager (my brother) was quizzing me on the future of my skill set and where I thought I should be headed in my career. He's no fool and knows technology rolls over faster than a well trained dog. So while looking forward, and with sounds of XML working drafts in the background, he asked me...
Don't you think you should learn XML? Because HTML might go away soon.
To which I replied...
Well, there's currently billions of HTML documents out there in the world, and many of those will likely turn into XML someday, so learning XML will be a good idea. But HTML parsing web browsers are going to be around for a while, because that millions of HTML docs just don't evaporate suddenly.
To this day, I write HTML that's better than Dreamweaver's output, or any other gooey editor's output. I've read the O'Reilly XML book, and it is indeed a morass, but it's a morass worth learning, but ginsu HTML skills are still good to have.