Imx Fix in my experience
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December 27, 2002 10:58 AM

I'm slowly working thru a redesign of this site, and have chosen to focus on the blog elements more while recessing the other stuff. Believe it or not, this site was originally envisioned as a job seeking helper, and I even went so far as to tailor it to finding a job at AOL (note the 'running man' like dude at the top). Well, that goes away in the next revision, and full bore blogging will be the focus.

I plan on using iframes (minimally) to create a place for other bloggers (eg, you) to ping using TrackBack, and this will appear on the home page of the new design. Hopefully it will actually get pinged and not be abused. It's an experiment with a back up plan of using RSS aggregation to fill its place in case of abuse or lack of use. We'll see.

Currently, I have the home page completed and need to do the archive pages, and then port the old content to the new format, then I'll go public. The challenge will be getting the new UI implemented with minimal disruption to my five or six faithful readers. I'll be attempting some .htaccess hacking to limit access during the switch, so please come back soon if the site appears to be down, broken or in flux. Thanks.