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January 31, 2003 4:34 AM

The $100 billion dollar, year over year loss reported by AOL Time Warner concerns me less than the price of pickles in Pakistan. What does scare the shit out of me is this...
AOL's customer numbers fell by 170,000 in the last quarter, despite the aggressive launch of the latest version of its access software AOL 8.0, the giveaway of millions of free CDs offering trials of the service and an outlay of more than £600m on advertising and promotion.
A drop in subscriptions is not good. I always thought that there would be an increase of subs at AOL due in part to the massive promotions, but more importantly the points of presence (POPs) that AOL has. I never been anywhere that I couldn't get a local AOL dial-in phone number, and that ubiquity is valuable to me. A drop in subs really surprizes me.