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January 10, 2003 9:43 AM

Last night I watched CNBC's special about the AOL Time Warner deal from three years ago, and it wasn't very flattering from the 'I work at ' perspective. One of the interviewees went as far to say that AOL is to Time Warner as Blockbuster is to Viacom. Which is supposed to mean that AOL can represent profitable returns and be a part of a portfolio of companies. AOL annual cash flow is in the $750 million area, which is a lot of movie rentals. Sheesh.

Anyway, what sort of rosy picture could be painted by CNBC (a MSFT funded operation) about a serious decline in 's stock valuation, thru the eyes of Time Warner people and the CEO's of its competitors? Not any that I can think of right now. But, maybe one will come to me in the coming months and years as, I hope, a career develops.

(ps, I watch CNBC all the time, and I like Dave Faber, who hosted this show, most likely wrote all of it, and did all of the interviews. He's a smart guy, and it was a good show, but it wasn't a warm and fuzzy evenin' at IMX headquarters, aka, home).