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January 30, 2003 9:17 AM

I've started telling my friends that I'm a syndicated writer, and they laugh at me for being a dork and saying something stupid like that, but it's true! Heh. I'm not seeing the sort of traffic that Mark or Cory get, but it's enough to change the way I write (for more people than just me).

Still though, the fact reamins that I am indeed a syndicated writer. There has been a recent jump in requests for my XML feed (up to 700 a day from 400 a month ago) and this site has appeared in another site (sort of). The American Press Institute (which sounds important, but I had never heard of them until last week) ran a story about RSS and NetNewsWire. In a screenshot for the app, In My Experience appears as a subscribed feed. That's ego surfing at its best, and I find it funny to see me in the same list as C|Net.

Also, beginning this week, Syndirella (a Windows equiv to NetNewsWire) has been showing up as a referrer. Welcome Syndirella users, I hope the feed is working out well for you.