Imx Fix in my experience
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January 8, 2003 9:12 AM

By now everyone has heard about Safari, and if they haven't this blog is probably not a place they will visit. So screw 'em. And screw Apple for not using Gecko. I loath the idea of supporting yet another browser and dealing with it's quirks, half-implementations and unpredictable behaviors. It felt to me just two days ago that it would remain a Mozilla/Gecko vs Internet Explorer Universe, and thus make my job a little easier. What really burns my ass is that Safari is as fast as Stevie Boy Blew says it is, which means people will use it, making it more likely that I will have to support it.

I digress. Bitch session over. Safari owns. One of the guys developing Safari has a weblog and he promises some details in the coming days/weeks about the new browser. I'll be making daily visits to Dave Hyatt's weblog hoping he says good things about hard core standards compliance. In the meantime, go download it, and enjoy goodies like popup blocking, Rendezvous support, better bookmark handling, smart cookie blocking and text selections that actually work. Good stuff.

Also, Apple has it's own X11 package (!).