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January 3, 2003 9:36 AM

As mentioned last week, I'm engaged in a redesign process right now after 14 long months with this current UI (that I never really liked anyway). I also mentioned I was going to make a spot available for people to ping using TrackBack, but LazyWeb has beat me to it. An important difference will remain though, and may be helpful to my implementation.

LazyWeb is for anyone to ping. With legions of bloggers, the pings at LazyWeb are going to be numerous and random, which may be its element of success or failure. I am sure there are folks who putz around the blogosphere looking for stories about the pets of people they have never met or the vagarities of semantics when applied to data warehousing. I care about specific thing, not things that are presented to me randomly, so I'm guessing I'll visit LazyWeb as often as I hit these days (read: never).

What success could I expect with my experiment in accepting pings? Probably not a lot, since I don't see much traffic thru these pages. However, those who do come around on a consistent basis (as defined as daily or monthly, etc.) might benefit from targeted pings that might appear on this site. I'm guessing that any ping that do come in will be more 'on topic' to the thing I talk about and cover here. I suppose it would be a good idea for me to solicit people who run blogs like Arcade Zen to ping this site when they post.

Quinn Mcdonald seems to keep his linking of like minded sites to a focused few, and that sort of filtering keeps things relevant (although just barely sometimes) for me when I'm surfing around the blogosphere.

Randomness offers a benefit, but only randomly. I am hopeful that I can beat that with the redesigned version of this site when it goes live. And by the way Quinn, a screenshot will be posted soon :) I'm still working out some particulars and then want to do a call for comments.