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January 19, 2003 3:18 AM

I'm a UI designer and front-end developer, so what do I know about the music industry? Enough to know that RIAA has run out of ideas. The idea of extorting money from ISPs for allowing its users access to music sharing sites is pathetic and devoid of the one thing RIAA needs, ideas for compelling people to pay for music. Some efforts have been made, but...
Officials from Pressplay and MusicNet, which are in their second year of operation, declined to disclose how many customers they have.
You have to guess that millions and millions of subscriptions would be touted in the press and be used as marketing material. NOT disclosing your subscriptions or sales figures means one thing, you suck.

Let's face it, the music industry is churning out pure crap. It has been churning out pure crap for several years now, and who wants to pay 16 to 22 bucks for that CRAP? Not me. CDs are too damn expensive (I buy about six a year) for the value they deliver and on the other side of the coin we super cheap MP3s of comparable quality music. Price to performance ratios seems to be something the music industry does not understand. You can't sell crap for a lot of money when good stuff can be had FOR FREE (or just really cheap).

But, I digress. Let's get back to the extortion. My guess is that the RIAA thinks they can pin ISPs against the wall by saying to them, "hey, your users are violating copyright, which makes you guilty by allowing that to happen." But by proxy they are also saying, "because we can't possibly make copyright violation claims against millions of people (and reap rewards worth the time, effort and gobs of litigation cash), we're going to attack entities that have a lot of money and see what happens." This is a reactionary effort that attempts to deal with the symptoms of a wider problem, regardless of the laws in place that protect ISPs from the activities of their users.

Note to RIAA and the music industry: I used to work at a record label and used to run a radio station. I know the system, and the system is...

  1. expensive
  2. unfair to those who create the value
  3. severely out dated
  4. dependant on CD sales thruput
  5. less attractive in the face of the iPod
  6. only effective when the good ol' boy network can be enforced, and on the net, it can't be